• Keep your tires properly inflated. Under inflated tires increase rolling resistance and decrease gas mileage. An insufficient amount of air pressure will also lead to sloppy handling. Buy a quality air pressure gauge, keep it in your glove box, and look for those friendly service stations that still provide “free air” ... rather than those that seek to sell it.

  • Change your air filter regularly. A clogged air filter will decrease the efficiency of your engine. Changing most air filters should only take ten minutes or so, and require only a screw driver. If you’re not comfortable with performing this simple procedure, consult a kindly shade tree mechanic.

  • Avoid unnecessary trips. While you can’t call in sick at work with the excuse that you’re not coming in because you need to save gas, you can cut down on your driving by taking care of your errands on the way home from work. Plan out your week whenever possible to avoid backtracking.

  • Consider carpooling. Although it may have fallen out of favor since the days of the real gas crisis, sharing a commute with a friend or two (or three) is a fantastic way to dramatically slash the amount of gas you’re all using. Yes, it’s true ... most of today’s kids have no clue about the true origins of the diamond commuter lane.

  • Quit Idling and get out of the drive through lanes. If you’re sitting outside the convenience store with your engine running, you’re wasting gas ... unless it’s below zero. Park your car and run into the bank, rather than burn gas waiting in line. If you have to use the drive through, consider shutting off your engine when you pull up to the teller window (when you know the teller will take more than a minute or two to get their job done).

  • Drive sensibly. You don’t need to mash down on the accelerator pedal every time you pull away from the stop light. Think about slowing well in advance of the intersection. The less time you spend with your feet into the throttle and brakes, the better chance you’ll see an improvement in gas mileage. You don't have to go slow, just smooth.
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